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Bringing accredited restorative practices training to international schools in the Middle East and Africa


Transforming international educators into restorative practitioners


My name is Alistair Goold and I am an international educator with 15 years of experience on three different continents. I am passionate about the restorative approach in education. Often, international teachers come from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds and this can result in conflicting approaches, philosophies and methodologies with regards to school discipline. I am proposing a programme to train staff and lay a foundation for the restorative approach whilst building a healthier, happier international school community.

I am fully trained and licensed with the International Institute for Restorative Practices. The service I am offering is to provide quality professional development over a two-day period, culminating in individuals gaining formally recognized university credit that can be blended with further online post graduate study. The programme is primarily aimed at those in education but the underlying principles can be equally applied by anyone who works in a community context.

Often international schools struggle with the professional development budget, resulting in many teachers losing out on essential training and growth. Rather than send staff on expensive international trips to receive training, I am willing to travel to your location and host this event on site for a cohort of up to 30 delegates. This ensures excellent value for both your staff and your budget.

Training Events

Restorative Practices for Educators and Using Circles Effectively

This professional learning opportunity will provide participants with the skillset needed to strengthen relationships and respond to conflict within the classroom, community or at any level in your organisation

Days One and Two

During this two day event, participants learn fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff and parents in their school setting.  Staff will learn a range of strategies they can use every day.  They will learn how to set high expectations while being supportive. They will practice how to provide direct feedback and how to ask questions that foster accountability. They will also learn the most effective methods for conflict resolution.

Day Three

The third day will be devoted entirely to teaching attendees to facilitate restorative circles. Circles are an essential process for building social capital, resolving social problems and responding when harm occurs. Circles create a positive learning environment. Staff will learn by participating in circles with other attendees, taking turns to learn how to facilitate. By the end of the day, teaching staff will be prepared to return to their classrooms and run an effective academic or social circle.

Restorative Practices Information

What are Restorative Practices?

According to the International Institute for Restorative Practices:
“All humans are hardwired to connect. Just as we need food, shelter and clothing, human beings also need strong and meaningful relationships to thrive.
Restorative practices is an emerging social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities.... Click for More

Restorative Practices Continuum

Restorative practices are not limited to formal processes, such as restorative conferences or family group conferences, but range from informal to formal. On a restorative practices continuum, the informal practices include affective statements that communicate people’s feelings, as well as affective questions that cause people to reflect on how their behavior has affected others... Click for More

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